Counseling and Classes

I work by creating a Container of Quiet to share your thoughts and feelings, we will work together for Crisis Management in individual counseling sessions. I give instruction in relaxation response technique,  the simple exercise to discover how to breath deeply with the body movement for the easy way to achieve optimal sitting positions. The basic breathing practice is the beginning of the path of life. It is your first breath at birth and the first breath as you enter a life of consciousness. It is the structure for the middle of the path. Living in your breathing, noticing the passage of air, is the culmination of the path and of life in a body. Breathing is the beginning, the middle, and the end!  Talking about what is on your mind and heart  then with the skills to ease into a silent  sitting practice and sound chanting will relieve stress. No prior experience is necessary to learn how to breath properly. I offer Individual Crisis Counseling and End Of Life support, including Aging Parent issues.


The general interest session is appropriate for anyone. One need not have any prior knowledge about Buddhism. Please contact me directly for an appointment.